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  • API that works with SNOMED Template Language in general, then we could look at templates for specific FHIR Resources.
  • Mostly a question of the actual mapping - status, severity and negation will cause problems.

Group requested an example use case - input and output expectations. DK: CIMI have looked at this previously (see attachments), resource needs to be constrained in a detailed way to allow such a mapping to be safely performed ie restrict resource only to those things that can be expressed in the SNOMED concept model.

ML thought the API would be fairly dumb and populate template (passed in) slots from values appearing in a resource ie no interpretation of semantics.

Bindings (using some path specific to the implementation model) were suggested in the languages group, distinct from the slot names. Use case query - would it instead be possible to work directly with the information model.

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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation CIMI review ISO Sydney 20131024.pptx 2019-Nov-11 by Daniel Karlsson
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation SNOMED CT Showcase CIMI binding strategy 20131011.pptx 2019-Nov-11 by Daniel Karlsson
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Complex Issues in Modeling Fall AMIA 2013.pptx 2019-Nov-11 by Daniel Karlsson
PDF File NHS-CFH-TerminologyBindingRequirementsAndPrinciples_20080311.pdf 2019-Nov-27 by Daniel Karlsson

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  1. The NHS terminology binding paper from 2008 is marked "CONFIDENTIAL NOT FOR FURTHER CIRCULATION". Likely time-barred by now?

    1. I suspect that given the organisation no longer exists, they are unlikely to sue you.  I suspect it is more that this was an internal document that had not completed its governance process at the time.  Perhaps informative in historical context of RF1 world rather than definitive in todays context.