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Using SNOMED CT with FHIR and the canonical SNOMED CT CodeSystem both refer to the "normalForm" and "normalFormTerse" properties. These aren't defined formally in SNOMED CT documentation and need to be agreed, defined and documented, then the relevant references can link to those definitions.

The terse form will be the Canonical (ie ordered attributes and groups) Long Normal Form without terms or whitespace.  "Normal Form" is this with the terms populated.

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  1. From recent meeting notes the following are relevant

    • SLPG agreed that the Languages group is not the appropriate forum for this definition. Instead, we believe this should be defined in the DL subgroup of the Modelling Advisory Group.
    • Also agreed that the terms that need defining are "Canonical Normal Form" (which is terse by definition) and "Necessary Long Normal Form"

    Peter G. Williams, are you the right person to add this to the MAG as a task? When can this be taken up by the MAG?