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Question:   Could SNOMED CT Modules be represented as FHIR CodeSystem Fragments?

(Counter question:  why would you want to do this, what is being attempted? Is this a complete edition or an extension within a single module?)

From line 86 : "VSD Partition aligns with codesystem fragments."    But SNOMED CT does not have a notion of partitions.    The closest thing to a Partition is a reference set, but that maps better to a ValueSet.

Modules are designed to manage any authoring process.   Partitions are....

Modules are not self contained or coherent because they extend from the dependencies.   They could consist of only relationships, only subsets or only descriptions (in the case of translations) and not in fact contain any concepts at all.

From HL7 Documentation "Publishing a CodeSystem as several fragments may lead to confusion"  also "Code System Fragments can only be published by the authoritative publisher of the Code System".   SNOMED International does not (at this time) publish any concepts as Fragments.

ML:   It's not a natural mapping and a fragment is incomplete for any specific use case (contains an incomplete set of relationships and properties).  Would cause complications, is not an obviously a useful thing to do (Fragment lacks integrity without inclusion of the International Core).

Question:   If you took the contents of a module and put it in a CodeSystem Fragment, what would that look like?

Note there is work being done to create ontologically complete subsets of SNOMED (ie including all dependent concepts and definitions) that might make sense as Fragments.   See

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