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Question on identifying just GPS concepts for use in FHIR Terminology Servers

Problem is with implementations in an international setting using eg IPS "safely" ie without infringing license issues, so a new code system is required. What version string should be used in this case? ML asks if these concepts could sit in a different module?

GPS (a grouping of other free sets) is being published next week (Monday). It doesn't exist as a reference set. Format is going to be non-RF2, a zipped tsv file. This most obviously lends itself to being implemented as one or more ValueSets in a FHIR Terminology Service.

ML: "This would need a code system sitting behind that valueset, but if you don't have a licence, that's not acceptable. So a new version is required to form a 'GPS CodeSystem'". RH suggested working with a CodeSystem fragment but we'd need to be able to identify it.

Possible option to issue a notional module id which only existed to identify this CodeSystem. Since the TSV file is not RF2, this would not appear anywhere else.

Or, could use the URL at which the GPS is published in order to reference it.

The "ValueSet only" approach can be used immediately. Do we need to go further with this? Could wait to receive feedback once GPS has been published. Group agreed this would be our approach.

ML: This will be an issue for Snowstorm. PWI: We'd assumed it would be used by SNOMED licence holders.

ML: Also do we need to specify the URI for the subsets within the GPS. Rory Davidson indicated that the various constituent parts are (or will) be available as refsets, so the valuesets can be expanded based on the refsetId.

Update 10 September 2019

Discussion that describing the GPS as an intensional refset would be attractive, but not all the constituent refsets have their concepts visible in the core module. Under the hood there is (sort of) a notional refset and a concept does apparently exist for that: 787778008 |Global Patient Set (foundation metadata concept)|

Does an update to the IPS have an immediate licensing effect such that non-licensee holders could use them?

Question on how often (and when exactly) the GPS would be updated. Can we confirm that concepts will never be removed, only inactivated? Is the GPS concept included in the GPS set? Andrew Atkinson ?   Answers:  Updated annually after July Release (Sept/Oct time).  787778008 |Global Patient Set (foundation metadata concept)| is not currently part of the set, but PWI has requested via AAT that it be added to facilitate legally hosting in a TS.   Concept inactivation is under discussion - watch this space.

ML: The inability to version the code system when talking about code system fragments is a limiting factor here.

Update 8 October 2019

RH advises much interest in this from the HL7 side including requests for OID identifiers.

DK suggested the IG should give advice on the use of the GPS when working in both Member and Non-Member countries.

On the question of making ValueSets available on open terminology servers, PW Noted similarities with the SNOMED Browser in allowing all users access regardless of country of origin, but they do have to accept a licence agreement on every access.

ValueSet URI under discussion:

Update 22 October 2019

Update to SI URI Standard is now part of the WIP documentation to be discussed by Languages WG in next Business Meeting.   Intention is then to dereference the URI to the public facing Snowstorm server.

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