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The Using SNOMED CT with FHIR page has been developed by the FHIR community and has had considerable input from a number of members of the SNOMED CT community who have done a great job.

However a clear role for this group is to review this page's content and take some ownership of its content and evolution to get the best out of SNOMED CT in FHIR.

This page is designed to coordinate that effort.

All participants are invited to review this local copy of that page prior to our next Terminology Services meeting on 12 December 2017.  We should then be in a position to present a consolidated position back to HL7.

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  1. I've not reviewed the page, but I'm quite familiar with it. Is there a way to comment in line in the wiki page? Or do the comments all need to go at the bottom?

  2. Yes, if you highlight some text on the page and then hover over your highlighted block, then a couple of icons pop up to add a comment and create a JIRA issue.  Use the left hand icon.