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STATUS: DEPRECATED.    This page has been replaced with 4.4.2 Edition URI Examples

The table below lists a number of popular SNOMED CT Editions.   Note that this is a temporary location while a permanent home is being found.


Module SctId

International edition900000000000207008
Australian edition (with drug extension)


Canadian English edition20621000087109
Canadian French edition


Canadian Refset edition22091000087100
Danish edition554471000005108
Netherlands edition11000146104
New Zealand edition21000210109
Spanish edition449081005
Swedish edition45991000052106
UK clinical edition999000021000000109
UK edition (with drug extension)999000031000000106
US edition731000124108
US edition (with ICD-10-CM maps)5991000124107
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  1. Relevant text from Using SNOMED CT with FHIR and discussion:   

    There is no single distribution that contains all defined SNOMED CT codes in all contexts of use.

    DM: We could, and maybe should, create this. If all extension releases were also pushed back to a central location as well as their publication, a centralised repository of a "universal edition" could be created. It could be a requirement of the licence and namespace allocation.  It would be interesting to see how useful that would be perceived to be...

    PW: We're planning on pulling together an SI hosted page listing these known editions. Your point could be continued around that space perhaps.    [ Ta Da! ]

  2. Module Sctid for the nascent NZ Edition is 21000210109

    1. Thanks Peter! I've added this to the list.