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Welcome to the Nursing Special Interest Group space!

The IHTSDO Nursing Special Interest Group (Nursing SIG) was a community of practice for the nursing profession, supporting worldwide nursing participation in the development, validation, uptake, implementation, and correct use of SNOMED CT and related products.

Following a reorganisation within SNOMED International this group has now ceased to exist.  However the Nursing Clinical Reference Group has been established with project and editorial groups established in relation to specific deliverables.  More information on Virtual Clinical Groups, and a list of others in the Directory - Clinical Groups is available.

An information sheet about the work of the former Nursing Special Interest Group can be found here

Please click here to read the Special Interest Group's Terms of Reference document, found on the IHTSDO website. 


We welcome participation from anyone interested in ensuring that SNOMED CT supports nursing requirements for electronic documentation and communication of patient care in any setting.

We encourage clinicians to participate and drive forward the work of SNOMED International and the development of SNOMED CT.

The former Chair and Vice-Chair of this SIG were Zac Whitewood-Moores and Roberta Severin respectively, who aim to remain actively involved in the work of the Nursing Clinical Reference Group and will be happy to be contacted in this transitional phase.

Gaining access

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IHTSDO and International Council of Nurses (ICN):

IHTSDO and ICN have shared a commitment to harmonise SNOMED CT and ICNP (International Classification of Nursing Practise) since 2006 with a formal agreement instituted in 2010, renewed in 2014 focussing on delivering equivalence tables between ICNP and SNOMED CT for Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Interventions. These products are now being released in a regular cycle as part of ICNP and SNOMED CT releases. The Nursing SIG provided international clinical validation and quality assurance and continues to do so as the products are maintained.

For more information please see:

Archive - Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Health Professions Coordination Group (HPCG) and Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs)


High-level role groupers in the Substance hierarchy have been intended to support the organization of the hierarchy based on roles. An example of such a role grouper is 373265006 |Analgesic (substance)|. Substance role groupers have been an issue in SNOMED CT for many years. Role based groupers are associated with a particular purpose or outcome. A role does not belong to a substance per se but instead is associated with a manufactured product and its usage.…
The proposed changes are detailed in the attached briefing note, and relate to radiographic imaging Implementation of the content changes specified in this informational briefing note will commence in Q4 2023. The changes have been based on feedback recieved.
SNOMED International in collaboration with the The International League Against Epilepsy is working on improving the seizure and epilepsy content within the sub hierarchies of 313287004 |Seizure related finding (finding)| and 84757009 |Epilepsy (disorder)|. To assist content users briefing notes are being provided as changes to content are released. Briefing notes on previous changes may be viewed here.…
To update the SNOMED CT community on the replacement of the use of 363703001 |Has intent (attribute)| and value of Therapeutic intent in procedure concepts with a 260686004 |Method (attribute)| value of Therapy - action, where appropriate. The potential number of affected concepts is nearly 2000. This briefing note is a continuation of work communicated by a December 2021 briefing note titled, ‘Inactivation of procedures stating intent as diagnostic or therapeutic’.…
The representation of ethnicity and race varies from country to country. For example:…

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