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This is the home page for all Clinical Engagement activities within Confluence. The site directs you to all resources you will need as a clinician to participate in the development of SNOMED CT, and also provides access to clinically focused educational materials

About us

Clinical input into the development of SNOMED CT ensures that the terminology meets current and future clinical requirements. These activities form part of the broader approach of Clinical Engagement. Clinical engagement is currently supported by a dedicated team.

Each member of the Clinical Engagement team covers a regional area, the Americas, Europe Middle East & Africa, and Asia-Pacific. 

Ian Green

Customer Relations Lead Europe and Clinical Engagement Business Manager

Jane Millar

Collaboration Lead


The Clinical Engagement team

Dr Charles Gutteridge

Clinical Engagement Lead


Mike Bainbridge

Clinical Engagement Lead


Peter Hendler, MD

Clinical Engagement Lead



Clinical Engagement strategy

SNOMED International Clinical Engagement strategy sets out the organisations approach to engaging with clinicians and clinical groups. It provides a framework for engagement activities, and details how clinical input will be provided to ensure that SNOMED CT meets the requirement of clinicians, and remains clinically relevant in the changing face of healthcare.


  • To ensure that all activities of the SNOMED International are influenced by global clinical communities
  • SNOMED International’s culture has a progressive and sustainable approach to engaging clinicians

Access strategy here Clinical Engagement



The links below provide access to various resources which support the provision of clinical input into the development and maintenance of SNOMED CT. 

Please <CLICK> on the appropriate button to access the resources you require

Blog stream

Our thanks to everyone who attended the clinical session at the SNOMED International business meeting in London on April 9. This is the first such general clinical session we have organised and the focus was on the clinical engagement strategy and the work to establish Clinical Reference Groups, including the use of confluence. We received some really helpful feedback and further direction, which was very helpful. We attach here the slides of the session and welcome further input/feedback.…
April Business Meeting
A reminder to register for the April Business Meeting if you have not already done so. Supporting information complete with registration links and agenda can be found here: https://confluence.ihtsdotools.…
Dear all, Please be aware that due to technical reasons we have had to move the individual group pages within Confluence. Due to this, if you have previously bookmarked the pages the bookmarks will no longer function. The links to the individual groups are available from Directory - Clinical Reference Groups, please update your bookmarks as required. Kind regards, Ian Green

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