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The clinical resource groups are listed below in alphabetical order, and are listed by specialty. Each group is linked by hyperlink to the specific confluence pages belonging to that group. Please use the links provided to access the clinical reference group required.

General queries

For general queries relating to Clinical Reference Groups or Clinical Engagement, please email

Suggest a new Clinical Reference Group

If you have a requirement for a new Clinical Reference Group, please email the details to, and mark the query Clinical Reference Groups



Active Project Groups

Clinical Expert Project Groups

Supporting SNOMED International Project Groups

Editorial Groups

*** Groups currently under discussion ***

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  1. I think this page would look clearer if you just listed the groups without so much whitespace, at least until there are more.  Also this is a typo in first paragraph "pages bonging to that group", made me smile though

    1. Hi Penni,

      Thank-you for spotting the deliberate mistake . . . , also point taken about whitespace . . 

  2. How do we create an emergency medicine CRG? In NZ we have hospital emergency departments and ambulance services with SNOMED enabled systems in production. They are using an ambulance refset for clinical impressions of about 500 concepts, emergency department presenting complaint 700 concepts and emergency department diagnosis 2000 concepts. We have overseas connections - particularly Australia, UK and Canada - and there is interest in creating an international emergency medicine refset.

    1. Hi Alastair Kenworthy, contact Ian Green or admin.  The RCEM contacts here would probably be up for it.

    2. Hi Alistair,

      The simple answer is that you ask me. I'll create the Confluence pages for the group, and we can the publicise the group to gather interested parties.

  3. Hey there Ian Green. Didn't you start up a Genomics Reference Group (I could be mistaken I wasn't in London this year). If so, shouldn't they have a page and a link above??

    1. They are, just having some ongoing debates, but it will be arriving soon

  4. Does the Observables group rate a mention here? Link to the Confluence page is here...Meeting Information. Also The Organisms and Infectious Diseases group are still alive Organism & Infectious Disease Model Project Home

    1. Are these not project groups which are distinct from clinical reference groups (formerly SIGs) ?

      "Project Groups are focused on completing a specific task within a particular period of time and typically have a fixed membership that includes members of the community of practice and may include SNOMED International representatives". 

      Current Project Groups include:

      • Drug Concept Model
      • Event, Condition and Episode Model
      • Observable and Investigation Model
      • Organism and Infectious Disease Model
      • SNOMED CT Languages
      • SNOMED CT to ICD-10-PCS