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The fields of genomics and precision medicine are evolving rapidly across the globe, with a large impact on the delivery of health care.  These two fields are already revolutionising medicine and public health by providing more accurate, rapid and cost-effective genetic tests.

SNOMED International and SNOMED CT are well positioned to support these developments as the supplier of a global clinical terminology.

In order for SNOMED CT to be fit for purpose to support both of these areas, and to ensure that SNOMED CT continues its evolution, informed by the developing global understanding of both these areas, SNOMED International has formed the Genomics and Precision Medicine Clinical Reference Group (CRG).

The scope of the CRG initially is intentionally broad, to reflect the broad range of subspecialties included within Genomics and Precision Medicine. Over time, as the groups understanding of how SNOMED CT can support these areas, the group may choose to create subgroups focused on specific areas of interest. The group will focus on the usability of SNOMED CT for the representation of clinical data to support both clinical care and research in the application of genomics.

SNOMED International has published its commitment to moving forwards with Genomics and Precision Medicine through its "SNOMED CT and Genomics Medicine" 

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We welcome participation from anyone interested in ensuring that SNOMED CT supports the clinical requirements for electronic documentation and communication of patient care in any setting, focused on Genomics and Precision Medicine.

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