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Welcome to the SNOMED CT Languages Project Group Space

This Space is where members of the SNOMED CT Languages Project Group (SLPG) share information about the development of computable languages designed to support SNOMED CT use cases.

Chair: Kai Kewley

Members: Group Members  

Staff: Alejandro Lopez Osornio Anne Randorff Højen 

Purpose: To design, develop and review a set of SNOMED CT computable languages to support selected SNOMED CT use cases.

Scope: The SNOMED CT computable languages, including SNOMED CT Compositional Grammar (SCG), SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language (ECL), the SNOMED CT Template Syntax (STS) and the SNOMED CT URI Standard. In particular, this project group focuses on syntax extensions and guidance to support the computable languages.



The Computable Languages Group will be meeting again this week on Thursday at 10:00 UTC.  We will be reviewing the ABNF changes to the ECL syntax for alternate identifiers (LOINC) and the new top/bottom operators (GPS). Zoom meeting link (password: 973902). Agenda 2023-06-01 - SLPG Meeting. See you there!Kai Kewley
Hi all! There will be no meeting this week. I will make the required changes to the ECL syntax definition (ABNF) for the LOINC alternate identifiers feature as agreed in London and share that by email. The next meeting will be in two weeks. Kind regards, Kai Kewley
Hi all! We are having a short break in our regular meetings while there is some staff absence. The SNOMED CT Languages Project Group (SLPG) will be meeting in a month's time on Thursday 18th May at 10:00 UTC using this Zoom meeting link (password: 973902).  To view the meeting agenda, please visit 2023-05-18 - SLPG Meeting. Kind regards, Kai Kewley

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