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Welcome to the SNOMED CT Languages Project Group Space

This Space is where members of the SNOMED CT Languages Project Group (SLPG) share information about the development of computable languages designed to support SNOMED CT use cases.

Chair: Linda Bird

Members: Group Members

Purpose: To design, develop and review a set of SNOMED CT computable languages to support selected SNOMED CT use cases.

Scope: The SNOMED CT computable languages, including SNOMED CT Compositional Grammar (SCG), SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language (ECL), SNOMED CT Query Language (QRY), the SNOMED CT Template Syntax (STS) and the SNOMED CT URI Standard (in particular, syntax extensions to support the computable languages).


  • SNOMED CT Compositional Grammar specification (Status: v2.3.1 finalized)
  • SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Grammar specification (Status: v1.3 finalized)
  • SNOMED CT Template Syntax (Status: v1.0 finalized)
  • SNOMED CT Query Language (Status: draft requirements; Dates: v1.0 draft due December 2020)
  • SNOMED CT URI Standard (Status: syntax extensions proposed; Dates: v1.1 draft due July 2019)
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Dear SNOMED Languages Project Group, Given the cancellation of our face-to-face meeting in London, we have decided to speed up progress on our current work by adding some additional remote meetings. The planned meeting schedule is: Wednesday 18th March, 20:00 to 22:00 UTC Wednesday 25th March, 20:00 to 22:00 UTC Wednesday 1st April,…
As you may have seen, SNOMED International has announced the cancellation of the face to face April 2020 business meetings Therefore, the SNOMED Languages meeting scheduled for Sunday 5th April is also cancelled. The SNOMED CT Languages Project Group will, however, be meeting remotely again this week on Wednesday 11th March 20:00 UTC using the Zoom meeting link https://snomed.zoom.…
The SNOMED CT Languages Project Group will be meeting again this week on Wednesday 26th February at 20:00 UTC using the Zoom meeting link Please refer to 2020-02-26 - SLPG Meeting for the meeting agenda.

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