SNOMED International in collaboration with the The International League Against Epilepsy is working on improving the seizure and epilepsy content within the sub hierarchies of

313287004 |Seizure related finding (finding)| and 84757009 |Epilepsy (disorder)|.

To assist content users briefing notes are being provided as changes to content are released. Briefing notes on previous changes may be viewed here.

The content changes for the September 2023 release were made in the area of focal anatomical seizures.

The focal seizure content changes include:

  • Eight new concepts e.g. 1287672003 |Frontal lobe epileptic seizure (finding)|


  • Inactivation of four outdated concepts - list provided as an appendix

Any questions on this work should be sent to with the subject ‘Epilepsy Consultation’.

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