To update the SNOMED CT community on the replacement of the use of 363703001 |Has intent (attribute)| and value of Therapeutic intent in procedure concepts with a 260686004 |Method

(attribute)| value of Therapy - action, where appropriate. The potential number of affected concepts is nearly 2000.

This briefing note is a continuation of work communicated by a December 2021 briefing note titled, ‘Inactivation of procedures stating intent as diagnostic or therapeutic’.

The Has intent attribute is used when a procedure may be performed for reasons, described with subtypes of 363675004 |Intents (nature of procedure values) (qualifier value)|, such as diagnostic, palliative, preventive, therapeutic, etc. These intents are not used to define procedures with intents that are inherent to the procedure; such as biopsies that are by definition diagnostic, or fracture fixations which are always therapeutic.

Procedures with the Has intent (attribute) with value of Therapeutic intent are classified under 277132007 |Therapeutic procedure (procedure)|. The challenge with |Therapeutic procedure (procedure)| is that it is used to mean: (1) therapy as a medical treatment procedure, or (2) as an intent to differentiate between the same procedure that could possibly have other intents. 277132007 |Therapeutic procedure (procedure) is no longer necessary

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