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Welcome to the SNOMED International Software Development Confluence space.

In here you will find information on software development with SNOMED CT, and discussion forums for you to ask the community questions.

This space also contains information on the software developer training days run by SNOMED International and Member countries.

To join in the conversation, please join our SNOMED International Public Slack channels or request an account in order to do so (

Useful Software

SNOMED International Open Source repositories can be found on GitHub- - but those of interest are:

Developer Training highlights & objectives

The SNOMED International Developer Training days intend to provide software developers with an insight on how to work with SNOMED CT in their local and national systems. The days cover the following topics:

  • Installing the SNOMED International SNOMED CT terminology server
    • Importing SNOMED CT
    • Updating SNOMED CT to new versions
  • Retrieving SNOMED CT content
    • Simple retrieval
    • Advanced retrieval with queries
    • Retrieval using FHIR
  • Grouping SNOMED CT content
    • Reference sets
    • Subsets
    • Valuesets

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