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As we receive many questions on the implementation of the Snowstorm REST API, I have made a simple Python client and published this on Github.

The documentation is sparse, but Python code is fairly easily readable and this code can give developers handholds for understanding the Snomed/Snowstorm API logic. I am happy to answer any questions here or on Github, and of course suggestions or forks/pull requests are more than welcome!

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  1. Sander Mertens  this is great, thanks! Would you like us to also add this to which we are updating to work with Snowstorm? Please feel free to fork and create a pull request and we'll get it in!

  2. Hi Rory Davidson, thank you! I think this would make a nice addition to the 5-minutes, but I am still actively working on documentation and developing the client for further optimization. Due to this, a hyperlink to my repository would perhaps be more fitting for now. Other than this, I would be honored to have my code included in the 5-minutes.