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SNOMED CT® Editorial Guide January 2017 International Release (US English)

Welcome to the Editorial Guide

The Editorial Guide describes editorial policies regarding the purpose, scope, boundaries, requirements, concept model, hierarchies, terming, and other policies related to the content in SNOMED CT. It is primarily intended to guide those who are responsible for editing the content of the International Release, but secondarily will be important for those creating extensions. To the extent that there are inconsistencies between the stated policy in this document and the implemented logic-based definitions, these inconsistencies should be resolved through a consensus-based process. For short-term decision-making, the policies in this document should be adhered to. However, this is a working document, subject to change and revision. The intention is to support communication among those who are actively creating definitions, as well as those who are advising, consulting or providing feedback in a variety of capacities.

This document uses a concept- oriented documentation style, rather than a task-oriented style, and therefore it is not intended as a how-to manual on concept modeling or use of any particular editing environment; those task-oriented aspects are to be covered in separate materials.


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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 - SNOMED CT Purpose

Chapter 3 - Scope and boundaries

Chapter 4 - Requirements

Chapter 5 - Attributes Used in SNOMED CT

Chapter 6 - Individual Hierarchies

Chapter 7 - Terming and Naming Conventions

Chapter 8 - Editorial Guide Glossary