• Concepts that include context information; a subtype of the situation to which it applies, with an attribute associating it with the relevant clinical finding or procedure

Variable meanings according to context 

Depending on context, concepts can be used in many different ways with various meanings.

disorder concept can represent:

  • Possible diagnosis or part of a differential diagnosis
  • Diagnosis applied to a family member or some other contact person
  • Diagnosis explicitly excluded
  • Diagnosis, now known to be incorrect, but which was the basis for a particular course of treatment
  • Absent feature of a related disorder
  • Diagnosis that the patient believes or fears they have

procedure concept can represent:

  • Requested, recommended or planned procedure
  • Procedure for which consent has been given or withheld
  • Procedure that is contraindicated
  • Procedure that has been canceled or postponed
  • Procedure for which follow up is now being arranged
  • Procedure which caused a complication

symptom concept can represent:

  • Confirmed absence of a symptom
  • Symptom deduced and reported by a third party as a witness of a clinical event
  • Inability or failure to obtain information about a symptom
  • Symptom which the patient is advised to respond to in a particular manner

finding concept can represent:

  • Absence of a finding
  • Inability or failure to check for a finding
  • Finding which, if present, is to trigger a particular change in clinical management
  • Finding which is the goal or target of a treatment

product concept can represent:

  • Allergy or other contraindication to a product
  • Assertion that a product caused a particular side effect
  • Various therapeutic activities of a product
  • Instructions given to a patient for use of a non-prescription medication
  • Clinical authorization of a prescription
  • Issuing of a prescription for a course of treatment
  • Supply (dispensing) of a specified quantity of a product
  • Administration of a single dose of a product
  • Change of a product dosage
  • Discontinuation of a product
  • Specialist's recommendation to use a particular product, if certain circumstances apply

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