A concept has multiple associated descriptions.

Each description has a description type and a unique numeric description identifier.

Fully specified name (FSN) and synonym (SYN) are description types in SNOMED CT. 

A preferred term (PT) is a synonym that has been marked as preferred in a particular dialect.

Every concept may have only one preferred term in a specific dialect. Two preferred terms for the same language may coexist if they belong to two distinct dialects (e.g. variant US and GB of English language).

For example,

Description typeDescription
FSNBleeding of mouth (disorder)
PTBleeding of mouth
SYNBleeding in mouth
SYN - US EnglishOral hemorrhage
SYN - GB EnglishOral haemorrhage
Description typeDescription
FSNComputed tomography of upper limb (procedure)
PTCT of upper limb
SYNComputed tomography of upper limb

Description typeDescription
FSNEsophageal structure (body structure)
PT - US EnglishEsophageal structure
PT - GB EnglishOesophageal structure

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