Qualifier values include a wide range of concepts that provide attribute values used in the definitions of other concepts. These values can also be used in expressions to refine the meaning of a concept, or in the appropriate fields of a health record to add additional information.
  • Action, Numbers, Clinical specialty, Context values, Mode of transmission, Type of diagnosis, Scale type, Sport, Technique, Time frame, World languages

  • There are also many Qualifier value subtypes relating to the pharmaceutical realm:  Additional dosage instructions, Basic dose form, Route of administration value, etc.

The 362981000 | Qualifier value (qualifier value)|  hierarchy contains concepts used as the target value of an attribute in a defining relationship.

For example, 

The use of qualifiers varies greatly according to the domain to which they are applied.  Thus, guidance in their use is often found within the guidance of the respective domain. So for the above example, information regarding the laterality/left attribute-value pair, see the Laterality guidance found within the Body structure domain.  The range of values for a particular attribute is provided in the specific concept model of the domain. For further information on the range of values for a specific domain, see the different content types and rules in the MRCM maintenance tool at  

Changes cannot be made to the Qualifier Value hierarchy without permission from the Chief Terminologist

Specific information on a few select subhierarchies can be found below:

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