As part of the QI project, transplantation procedures are being remodeled. To fix incorrect subsumptions changes need to be made. At present surgical transplantation procedures are classifying as subtypes of grafting procedures due to the placement of 410820007 |Surgical transplantation - action (qualifier value)| as a subtype of 129407005 |Grafting - action (qualifier value)|. Example in current SNOMED CT: 32413006 |Transplantation of heart (procedure)| is a 129212008 |Grafting procedure of heart (procedure).

Grafting is generally applied to the application of various types of tissue without their original blood supply, and then that tissue generates its own blood supply from the recipient site.

The attached note provides further detail to the proposed changes.

Comments to be submitted to Nicki Ingram ( or by 15th September 2023.

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