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14th June 2016, 20:00 - 21:00 UTC




Discussion items (In draft)


CRI provided short introduction on her background.


2Apologies/conflicts of interestCRI

Nil advised at meeting.

Note: Apology provided post meeting by Daniel Karlsson.

3Change in Chair and Content Management ExecutiveCRI

CRI advised on co-chairing by herself and Lesley MacNeil (LMA). Advised CRI taking lead for running of the group.

4ToR updateCRI
  • ToR update to reflect change of chair (see attachment- only change is chair details)
  • ToR update approved by group members.



Update and discussion

  • Inter AG communication
  • CMAG communication
    • Blogs: for announcements not discussions, though comments can be added.
    • Discussion area: for items requiring discussion by the group.
    • Other useful links page. Intended to assist members with keeping across other groups.
      • If additional links are required just let CRI know.
    • CMAG Action List: for active use by group. CRI showed where to locate actions assigned to members in their personal space.
  • Content updates
    • Will the Other useful links page be sufficient or are additional reports required?
    • Additional reports:
      • CWD and EWO raised there had been a request for a more detailed Content Development Roadmap
      • EWO - Pre-release content update of value.
      • OBO- Management Board updates in particular content relevant
    • Suggestion by CRI to focus on making meetings on activities rather than updates, though group members can raise if there are questions etc.
  • Cathy Richardson  to follow up on inter AG communication
  • Content updates Cathy Richardson  to take suggestions on additional reports for internal discussion
6Topic based management of itemsCRI
  • Proposed template
    • Link to template Topic or issue template
      • Template is best viewed in edit mode. A screenshot has been attached to the meeting page as an alternative to view.
      • CRI: raised ToR noting the need to gather input from members without a CMAG representative.
7Open topicsCRI/ALL
8CMAG 2016 workplanCRI/ALL
  • Criteria for measuring success
    • CMAG Work Plan 2016
      • Roadmap- due July 16.
      • Process for implementation of distributed editing - to be added July agenda
      • Working relationship EAG/ Content Team - closer relationship.
        • Inter AG comms will tie in here
        • Authoring team- change of chair
        • Add to September meeting for review
  • Cathy Richardson  to chat with Lesley MacNeill on the updated roadmap. Will need to tie into request for further detail too.
  • Cathy Richardson  to speak to Jim on EAG and CMAG relationship
9October Face to Face MeetingCRI/ALL
  • Discussion
    • Agreement on half day meeting
    • Plan to make it a working session
    • Ensure planning to support productivity
    • Potential for crossover of items with EAG to be considered.
    • Invite Jim Case to meeting
10Any other businessALL
  • Calendar invites- discussed given past issues with correct timing showing in some calendars.
  • Meeting minutes: Need for minutes raised. CRI will update the notes section post meetings to assist with keeping a record of discussions/decisions. Group can review each meeting and confirm agreement.
  • Provision of information prior to meeting important.
    • CRI: advised time to review and provide input will be allocated. Action list will be used to support this.


Previous Meetings

No content found.



  1. Hi Cathy

    Could you please confirm the time of the meeting. In the Confluence calendar it is scheduled for 22.00 and on this page it is 20.00. Are both UTC or does the calendar now adapt to our time zones?

  2. Hi there,

    The call is at 2000UTC. I checked the settings and it's in UTC time. It shows correctly for me when I look at the Confluence page and when it imports into my own calendar.  Will it be 10pm for you when the call runs? If it's not showing correctly for you or others I'll check into it.

    I'm also planning to post the rest of the agenda at the beginning of next week. 



  3. Thanks for the clarification about 20:00 UTC. This makes it a little more attractive for me to attend (smile)

    It is showing correctly in the calendar for me too, but it hasn't always. That's why I wasn't sure.

  4. Hi Cathy

    As mentioned the calendar updates work for me now.

  5. Hi Cathy,

    We did not set a date for the next meeting... would that be July 12?

  6. Hi Cathy, I do not have tasks assigned to me when going to my profile... is there something else I need to achieve to get them?

  7. Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for the good CMAG meeting the other day.

    The calendar works for me in the confluence.

    For the other "CMAG Action List" items - what is the best way to reply to these (e.g to comment on extensions etc)?





  8. Hi all,

    I have set up the next four meetings- the pages (though agendas need to be built) and the invitees. The next meeting is Tuesday 12th July at 2000UTC.

    Linda: I can't see why you can't see your tasks so have posted a confluence question:27591832 We should see a response fairly quickly. This will be also helpful if others in this group are in the same boat.

    Responses: The final country position needs to go on the page which pulls all the information on the topic together, so for extension management: Extension Management Proposal. The discussion thread is for discussing the issue, asking questions etc. Whilst noting that, lets see how this approach works for the group over the next couple of months and we can tweak if we need to. 



  9. Further to task issue comments above, it may be because all the names are listed against one task. Looking at the action list Camilla is listed as the assignee for most. I am following up on this to confirm how things need to be set up: 27591838

  10. Hi, Please find my comments related to the Topic or issue for discussion template.

    1. Would it be possible to have access to a bigger view of the template with the comments as shown in the .png file above? I find the comments are valuable, but can't print it is too small.
    2. I think that in some cases there will be a mix of guidance from different Advisory groups and I wonder if the CMAG Response Table should only be AG response, so it would accommodate for other AG's feedback and next steps
    3. I would add a date to the Final Outcome
    4. When a topic is finalised, should we make it available to a centralised page accessible for all AG and MF?


  11. Our template: Please see: Example of Topic or Issue for discussion template. If you click on the edit button on the top of the page you can see all the comments. Please add any comments or suggested changes on this discussion thread here not the example page. Reason for this is I do updates to the template master and show the latest version in CMAG templates area. I don't want to lose any comments that come in and may do if they are added on the template. (In hindsight I should have set up a discussion thread for this).

    The template at this point has been set up for our group's use and I expect we will tweak it over time to suit our needs as we start to work with it. I added a section today to capture what is being requested of us, by whom and when a response is required by. We can add links to project sites and discussions by other groups in the links section so we have access to all the relevant information we need and I have expanded the guidance here to note that. 

    At this point other groups (Advisory, Project etc) may manage their work flow differently. There is a knowledge management project occurring internally and if there are document templates or standardized processes for us to follow I will update the group. Our site is accessible publicly so all AG's, PG, SIG's and the MF can access. Please note, we can where needed restrict access to pages that contains material that should not be publicly accessible.  

    Where we contribute to a topic managed by another group or individual it would be up to them to link our topic page to their site. Where items are lead by a CMAG member here e.g. the Extension Management Proposal, we can proactively provide the link to relevant groups who would like to be across the work or need to provide input. As noted above we can add links to their page so we can access the relevant information. We could look to add a comment with the link that summarises the relevant input if needed.

    Date added to final outcome.

    Thanks for the input on this.