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The purpose of the proposed changes is to inactivate concepts representing product role that currently exist in the Product Hierarchy.
Documents summarise the proposed changes, and also the reason for the change.

The information here was intended to be informative only. Further information can be found: Drug Project

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document RoleConceptDispositionPlanVer1DRAFT-2016-02-29-For-Review.docx 2016-Mar-10 by Ian Green
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation 2016-03-08-ContentManagerAG-Role.pptx 2016-Mar-10 by Ian Green
PDF File RoleConceptDispositionFeedbackVer1.pdf 2016-Mar-17 by Toni Morrison


  1. Re action item on who is managing Drug Projects. Raised 2016-06-14 - CMAG Meeting 

    Project: Drugs - Default Model for Extensions. Had been owned by Ian Green. Now overseen by Lesley MacNeil CMAG questions will go to Lesley MacNeil and Toni Morrison

    Drugs - International Model and Content - Managed by Toni Morrison. CMAG questions will be addressed to Toni. 

    Questions should come via CMAG where relevant to CMAG group. 

  2. See relevant comments on the following page: Topics for the group to confirm whether further discussion is required. Relates to the provision of examples of concepts that will be inactivated. 

    Page moved back to current topics and issues folder given the request for and plans for provision of examples.