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The following topics were provided by Elaine as potentials needing further discussion by the group.
Reviewing the list prior to posting I have made some comments on these. The group only needs to give feedback on the first and last items at this point in time.
1. Advice on a process for reviewing Technology Previews
2. On examination and Complaining of content retirements.
CRI comment: There has been further internal discussion on these. I will follow up and report at next meeting.
3.Inception/elaboration content in SIRS - previous spreadsheet supplied by Cathy needs review
CRI comment: Topic to come to July meeting after discussion with Elaine.
4. Microorganism taxonomic name changes - from EAG
CRI comment: Farzenah already booked to provide an update at the July meeting. Note feedback from group to finalise this will be sort post July meeting.
5.Distributed editing pilot
CRI comment: we do have the process as noted on the CMAG work plan which ties into this.

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  1. Thanks for adding this Cathy.  I've just come across an additional item from the CMAG summary completed for Member Forum.

    • Process for major content changes - what should be the process to communicate major changes to the community
  2. Hi Cathy, I see that the 'inactivation of Concepts representing Product Role in Product hierarchy' as been classified under Documents/Resolved topics and issues.

    I understand this was brought to us as FYI, but as explained in the June meeting we don't have the final state of the topic. I recall asking for examples of concepts to be retired... and did not have an answer. The document we were presented was a draft one. Is there a final one somewhere? we don't need to duplicate the documents but perhaps a link to the final state would be sufficient.

    1. Hi Linda and Cathy,

      Documentation updates for product role plan are in progress and will include some examples. Additionally, there will be a preview of the changes planned for deployment in January 2017 available in a few weeks time (viewable via the SNOMED Browser:). I think the preview will provide a better opportunity for questions and comments than just the documentation. I will provide relevant links, etc. to Cathy as they become available so that she can alert the CMAG.