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SNOMED International provides new Members with a wide range of benefits and resources to support their SNOMED CT journey. 

This page provides new National Release Centers (NRCs) with a checklist of important activities to get started with SNOMED International.

For more information, please refer to our Getting Started page and our SNOMED CT Popular Links page. Please send your questions to

Nominate representatives

SNOMED International is owned and governed by its Members. To participate in our governance and advisory processes, please nominate the following national representatives:

  • Nominate a General Assembly (GA) representative - Email their name, title, and contact information to 
  • Nominate a Member Forum (MF) representative - Email their name, title, and contact information to 

Optional: Nominate a representative on each of our Member-based Advisory Groups (AGs) - Email their name, title and contact information to

General Assembly Representative

The SNOMED International Articles of Association state that each SNOMED International Member is entitled to choose a “Nominated Representative” for the SNOMED International General Assembly (GA). This enables the Member to:

  • Have specific business or matters referred for discussion by or decision of the General Assembly
  • Attend meetings of the General Assembly and speak at such meetings
  • Have one vote on each item presented in meetings of the General Assembly
  • The General Assembly usually meets in April and October each year. More information about it can be found in the GA Governance Manual.

Member Forum Representative

Each Member is entitled to choose a representative to the SNOMED International Member Forum. The Member Forum (MF) acts as an advisory body to the Management Board and organization. The Member Forum is also a means for optimizing the collaboration and coordination among SNOMED International Member countries.

Establish NRC communication resources

SNOMED International provides resources to assist the sharing of information within and between Member regions. To help establish your NRC communication resources, please:

Create new tooling accounts

SNOMED International offers a range of tools and services. To get access to these, please ask your NRC team to register for the following tooling accounts:

For a comprehensive list of available tooling, provided by SNOMED International and third parties, check the Implementation Support Portal Tooling page.

Learn more about SNOMED CT

SNOMED International offers a wide range of training and certification resources. Please follow the links below to access these.

Participate in the community

SNOMED CT experts from around the world collaborate in SNOMED International's advisory groups, project groups, user groups, and webinars to share knowledge, implementation experiences, and resources. Please explore the following groups to learn from the experience of others in the community.

Plan your national roadmap

These resources will help new Members in the design of a National SNOMED CT Implementation Roadmap. This includes communicating the value proposition, deciding on the need for a national extension, selecting tooling, defining a distribution strategy, linking with other standards in the local eHealth architecture, supporting users and training those involved.

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