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Implementing SNOMED CT can be made much easier with the effective use of tooling. SNOMED CT tools can help to support a range of implementation tasks, from managing the creation and maintenance of reference sets, maps and translations, to providing terminology services to effectively access SNOMED CT content from a software application.

Please click on the links below to explore the range of SNOMED CT tools available.

BrowsersAllow users to search SNOMED CT, navigate its hierarchy and view the properties of each component.
Reference Set Tools

Allow implementers to create and maintain subsets of SNOMED CT codes for a specific use case, e.g. data entry of diagnoses for a clinical specialty, prioritisation of translations, data analytics queries, etc.

Mapping Tools

Allow users to create and maintain mappings between SNOMED CT and other code systems, e.g. local codes, billing codes, statistical classifications, to support a wide range of implementation use cases, e.g. migration to SNOMED CT, data integration, reporting.

Translation Tools

Support the creation of SNOMED CT descriptions in different languages, with the associated quality assurance processes.

Authoring Tools

Support the creation and modelling of new SNOMED CT concepts in accordance with the SNOMED CT Editorial Guidelines and the SNOMED CT Concept Model.

Release Services

Support the creation, validation and bundling of SNOMED CT release packages in a standard format that can be imported into terminology servers and other applications.

Terminology Services

Provide an effective way of implementing SNOMED CT by enabling SNOMED CT content to be searched and queried via an API (application programming interface).

Record Services

Support the functions of a clinical record system, including the display and storage of terminology content in the health records.

User Interfaces

Allow users to search, enter and display SNOMED CT data in healthcare records.

Natural Language ProcessingSupport the extraction of coded clinical entities from free text sources, to support data-entry and analytics.
Data Analytics Tools

Enable users to query over clinical data that contains SNOMED CT codes to take advantage of the rich semantic definitions included in SNOMED CT.

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