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Welcome to SNOMED International's
SNOMED CT Implementation Support Portal

EXPLORE our  SNOMED CT Implementation Support Services  
FOLLOW the SNOMED CT Adoption Journey                            . .  

This portal offers a collection of resources and services to help with your successful SNOMED CT implementation journey.  Along the way,  as you gain more experience with SNOMED CT, your questions and needs may evolve - for example:

  1. Getting Started                                  .
  2. Preparing for Implementation         .
  3. Implementation in Progress            .
  4. Levelling Up                                      .

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Implementation Support Services       .

SNOMED International offers the following support services to help you with your successful SNOMED CT implementation. Please click on the links below to learn more.

Please contact your National Release Center to enquire about additional localised implementation support services available in your country or territory (see

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