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All implementations can be greatly enriched by the ideas and shared experiences of an engaged user group. SNOMED International hosts a range of meetings that help to connect users with common interests, including:

Web Series

A collection of webinars including

  • Implementation webinars which focus on SNOMED CT implementation topics important to our user community.
  • Clinical webinars where clinicians working with SNOMED CT share real-world experiences
  • Research webinars at which distinguished researchers from the SNOMED CT community share their work
SNOMED CT ExpoThe annual SNOMED CT Expo provides a great opportunity to learn from the experience of a wide range of global implementers and share your experience with others.
Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs)A group of clinicians focused on a specific clinical specialty or topic area. For more information, please visit Introduction to Clinical Reference Groups.
Drug Extension User Support Group (DEUSG)A community driven group providing support to implementers of SNOMED CT drug extensions. 
Translation User Group (TUG)A forum to share expertise, identify best practice, and to provide advice and guidance for all activities related to translation by SNOMED International and Member Countries.

A user group that supports collaborative work between the SNOMED and HL7 international communities on using SNOMED CT with FHIR.

Mapping Tool User Group (MTUG)A user group formed to help clarify and prioritise requirements for a tool for mapping from other code systems to SNOMED CT.
SNOMED Computable Languages Project Group (SLPG)

A project group that shares new requirements and implementation experience to contribute to the development and enhancement of SNOMED CT's computable languages (e.g. ECL).

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