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Clinical input into the development of SNOMED CT ensures that the terminology meets current and future clinical requirements. These activities form part of the broader approach of Clinical Engagement. The session aims to showcase the work currently underway within SNOMED International and the broader clinical SNOMED CT community. The aim is to share current practice and work in progress to support future developments that will provide SNOMED CT with the clinical input it requires supporting the global clinical community of practice.


Clinical engagement approach

Working with professional bodies   

Education for healthcare professionals

SNOMED CT in Dentistry, implementation experience          


SNOMED CT and Nutrition Care Process

Changing clinical practice

Overview of European pharmaceutical developments & impact on SNOMED CT 

Implementation and analytics supporting clinical decision making

SNOMED CT Supporting Clinician : Global Patient Set – A Startup for General Medicine Refset Development in Myharmony

Genomics update and pilot     

SNOMED Supporting the clinical Research     

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