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20:00 UTC on Tuesday 29 January 2019 - 90 minutes.   


  • FHIR Terminology Services and Resources

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Phone: See for available phone numbers (meeting id 242-348-6949) # snomed-hl7-fhir (ask for invite!)

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1Welcome and introductions5

Recording, notes & attendance.

Note recordings will be retained for 12 months.

2Summary of previous week and previous fortnight5
3Other Meetings15


Continuation of TS testing (and improve test suite) now working in R4. Reaching out to other Connectathon tracks re Terminology Services. CodeSystem value set - fixed suite of tests for R4 (ie not Connectathon specific). Suggested this group could contribute test suites specific to SNOMED. Breakout sessions on :

  1. Languages (expansion operation - use boolean "include designations", designation input parameter can also specify desired output). See screenshot below. ML brought up Supplements and notes that Designation is single value so doesn't allow for indicating multiple usage.
  2. Concept Maps (boundary with Code System Supplements). Distinction between two not always obvious.

RH Connectathon 20 Report

Next Connectathon - Montreal 4 -5 May 2019


SNOMED on FHIR Sunday 7 April 13:30 - 17:00 Hilton Waldorf, London

Agenda: 2019-04-07 - SNOMED on FHIR Meeting (TS & TB)

4Publication of FHIR Free Set20

Free SNOMED CT set for FHIR

JM 29 Jan: Call with Wayne and Karen - suggestion to document current work with TB stream leads.

5Completed Tasks5
6SNOMED FHIR Implementation Guide10

Progressing the SNOMED Implementation Guide and specific guidance of "Best Practice" of using SNOMED with FHIR. Can we include tests for 'correctness' - using existing FHIR Testing platforms? with the built view hosted by GitHub at

Tooling: Current tooling appears to be solely command line based. See also Snapper for value set editing (currently STU3).

What is the scope of content for the guide? Targeting "Best Practice" for FHIR Implementers using SNOMED CT. Possible layered approach and potentially strict (for internal record keeping and communication) vs permissive profiles when . General guidance for bindings or specific details on each resource.

Audiences - Developer vs User of implemented services. ML Suggests single entry point document with multiple paths through the documentation.

8 January 2019 Update:

Tooling: Forge (doesn't support R4)

What do we want to say about how SNOMED should be used in FHIR? Eg On the Terminology Services side, start with a narrative and head towards a test script where a particular query is expected (formally) to return a given set of results. Then on the resource side, talking about what particular value sets should be used for specific resources - condition code being a high value. Will we insist that these are SNOMED code or could they be proxy codes eg where a medication is given on a problem list and - in it's presence - indicates the underlying condition but without specifying that explicitly.

Start with a Confluence page for collaborative work and once that's reached some stage of maturity it can be moved into the GitHub repository in a more structured form.

Are we looking at one implementation guide or two? Terminology Server vs Terminology Binding and Profiles.

ALL Pitch in to Implementation Guide for using SNOMED CT with FHIR

7DL Enhancements on PCEs10

How can we represent the definition of a concept as a Post Coordinated Expression given that NNF may not fully express the stated form.

MAG work item: DL Enhancements impact on Post Coordinated Expressions

Zulip enquiry has not yet suggested anyone using the returned expressions for anything more involved than straight forward display - although there's no way to be sure.

FHIR property lookup does allow for role grouping by using nested properties (candidate topic for implementation guide! PJ)

Languages group next meeting could be into the new year. MAG meeting 3rd week in January 2019.

8Mechanism for working with Languages.15Reuben Daniels

HL7 Vocab Item:

ML: Supplement would hopefully only add additional descriptions that are not described in the base content.

Precedence (fallback) for multiple language reference sets only really discussed in Languages Group for ECL - other use cases not yet brought to light.

Update 28 Aug: Keen to see an implementation using Supplements to see how it would actually work. Option to explore this at Baltimore Connectathon?

Update 11 September: Do we need a parameter for the expand operation for this - Reuben looking into this currently.

Update 11 Dec: HTTP Headers RFC 5646 (Tags for identifying languages). Suggestion that where dialects are to be referenced which do no have a standard code, one could be constructed, either using new letters or the language reference set id directly eg en-nz-x-12345601 Note also that requested language/dialect could be an ordered list for gradual fallback where descriptions may or may not be available.

Can also be passed in the language parameter passed to an expansion operation.

Language reference set could be an implicit code system supplement.

Update 8 Jan: Note that SNOMED CT Language Reference sets do not indicate if they relate to a dialect, language or context of use. GG suggested FHIR could address that more directly than using a reference set SCTID to supply that desired context. Include someone in a non-English speaking country!

9Ongoing items10
  • SNOMED CT Canonical CodeSystem resource
    • Outstanding question of whether this is the Canonical CodeSystem for the International Edition, or some base set of properties for all Editions.
    • How is this distinct from the Terminology Capabilities Resource?
    • Review and attempt to resolve detail questions
    • Update 28 Aug: Official endpoint should be hosted somewhere (SI?)
    • Update 13 Nov: (ML) We should publish as part of the IG - possibly two - a) International and b) a template as guidance for implementers. In the event of a choice of versions, suggest the default is to return the most recent available.
  • Using SNOMED CT with FHIR

Any other business

Next Meeting: Tuesday 12 February 2019

 Jeff Wilkie (Virg. Tech - Organisms)

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