Documents how to create a new project.



The Mapping Tool requires an administrative user and at least one project to exist in order to function.  If no project exists, either:

Creating new projects requires at least two terminologies to be loaded (i.e. the source and destination terminologies)..

Creating a New Project

To create a new map project:
  • Log in as an administrative user
  • Go to the Application Administration widget
  • Click on Map Projects

If projects already exist, scroll down below the paginated list of projects to the interface for creating new map projects:

Enter the parameters describing this map project

Map Project NameThe name of the project. Must be unique.
Source Terminology and VersionThe source terminology and version, selected from the calculated list of loaded terminologies
Destination Terminology and VersionThe destination terminology and version, selected from the calculated list of loaded terminologies
Ref Set Id

The terminology id of the source concept describing this project. Must be unique.
If the concept does not exist, the Ref Set Name for this project will be empty.


Whether this project contains records published outside of the current editing cycle

Rule BasedWhether concept mappings use rules
Group BasedWhether concept mappings can have multiple groups
PublicIf "true", any user (including guests) can view publication-ready content for this project.
If "false", only assigned Specialists and Leads, as well as administrators, can view content for this project.
Scope DescendantsWhether to calculate descendants for the defined scope list (see Setting Project Scope).
Scope Excluded DescendantsWhether to calculate descendants for the defined scope excluded list (see Setting Project Scope).
PropagatedWhether this project up-propagates descendant records for writing at release time
Propagated ThresholdThe number of descendants for a concept at which propagation is no longer applied
(e.g. for a value of "11", records with 10 or fewer descendants will be up-propgated.
Not used if "Propagated" is false.
Map Type

The type of mapping format for this project. Available values are:

  • Simple Map
  • Complex Map
  • Extended Map
Workflow Type

The type of workflow used by this project. Available values are:

Map Relation Style

The style of map relation used by this project, and is based on Map Type. For Snomed Extended Maps, choose:

"Map Category Style". Otherwise choose "No Relationships".


Project Specific Algorithm Handler

The fully-specified class name of the project specific algorithm handler.
Defaults to "org.ihtsdo.otf.mapping.jpa.handlers.DefaultProjectSpecificAlgorithmHandler"

Adding Metadata to a New Project

Once the project has been created, click on the Project Details button to add metadata.

For details on adding metadata to a new project, see Adding Metadata to a New Project.



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