Documents considerations for adding metadata to a new project


When creating a new map project, the following metadata should be considered:

  • Users and Roles (see User Management for more information on users)
  • Mapping metadata elements (Relations, Advice, Principles, Rule Age Ranges)
  • Reports and QA Checks (see Lead Features: Reports for more information on reports)

Users and mapping metadata can be created in two ways, either through the Project Details widget (PREFERRED) or the Application Administration widget.

  • Creating and adding metadata elements directly to projects via the Project Details page
  • Creating metadata elements as an Administrator feature
    • Creates top-level elements
    • Does not attach them to specific projects
    • Requires an extra step to add the element to a project via the Project Details page (see above)
    • See Admin Features: Application Admin for more details

Reports and QA Checks can only be created through the Application Administration page.  See Managing Reports and QA Checks for details on adding reports and QA checks.



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