Documents how to initialize the Mapping Tool with an administrative user and a blank project.

Creating an Administrative User

To use the Mapping Tool properly, two things are initially required

  • A user with the application role of Administrator
  • At least one map project

To create the admin user and/or blank project, execute the commands below.  NOTE:  Running the admin mojos assumes you have built the code and created the database per  Deploy Instructions.

cd code/admin/loader
mvn clean install -PCreateMapAdmin -Drun.config=YOUR_CONFIG_VARIABLE -Dmap.user=DESIRED_USER_NAME

Executing this command will:

  • Create a new map user with the following default values.  To edit these, edit the map user from the Application Administration widget.
    • System user name:  DESIRED_USER_NAME
    • User's full name:  DESIRED_USER_NAME
    • Email:  Not set
    • Application Role:  ADMINISTRATOR
  • If no map project currently exists, a new map project will be created with blank or default values with the name Blank Project.

After execution, log in as the specified user to edit the blank project, create new projects, or perform other administrative tasks.


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