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Welcome to the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical Reference Group space

The SNOMED International Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical Reference Group is a community of practice for laboratory managers, pathologists and the clinicians involved with managing laboratory/pathology orders and results data. These specializations supervise the processes and standards which respond to clinical requests for laboratory/pathology testing, support the order communication and results reporting services and set the standards for data quality and interoperability of results data serving the electronic health record and other healthcare databases for research and public health.  

The Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical Reference Group has been established to ensure that the requirements of the international surgical pathology, laboratory and clinical medicine community continued to be maintained and updated within the SNOMED CT International Release, and also to define the requirements for the development of derivative products that support implementations focused on this clinical area.

Although the different specialties each have their own repertoire of specimens, methods and reporting structures, there is a considerable overlap in the concepts they might access, e.g. antibodies can be used in immunohistochemistry, ELISA tests and immunological tests in microbiology and virology. All reports develop during a diagnostic and laboratory process that starts with the order over performing the necessary steps to finally create a diagnostic report.

Data from different specialties may have to be integrated (anatomic and molecular pathology or hematology/ bone marrow biopsy/ blood values) before the final report is issued. Thus, interoperability bears the potential of cooperative diagnoses.

Therefore, the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical Reference Group consists of different project groups, each dedicated to a special issue. Regular meetings of the whole group assure that the work remains coordinated from a perspective of the ontology.

titleWays of working

Please click here to read the ways of working for Clinical Reference Groups

titleGroup Membership

For details of group members click here

Pathology and Laboratory CRG Lead - Scott Campbell, Thomas Rüdiger, James Campbell

For further information, please contact

titleAdditional information resources

Details of terminologies and classifications in use within pathology and laboratory medicine click here

titleArchived information resources

Access to the Confluence site for the International Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (IPaLM) SIG can be found here

titleMeeting schedule

Next meeting - 5th, July 2023 at 17.30 UTC

titleWeb conferencing details

The Pathology and laboratory Medicine Group has a dedicated Zoom account

The link provides a Zoom discussion forum, which doesn't require a chair/lead person, but provides access to a discussion space. All the functionality is still available, video, scene share. The only limitation is that currently it is not possible to record the calls. If this is required, please contact a member of the SNOMED International staff.


We welcome participation from anyone interested in ensuring that SNOMED CT supports the clinical requirements for electronic documentation and communication of patient care in any setting, focused on pathology and laboratory medicine.

Access to this page, and the discussions page is provided without a requirement for a username and password. To access all other areas of this site you must be logged into Confluence.

If you wish to participate in discussions you must be logged onto Confluence with your username and password.

If you do not have a Confluence account click here

If you already have a Confluence account, please email, marking your query "CRG Membership". In the text, please state which group you wish to join.

For the ways of working for all Clinical Reference Groups click here

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Working Groups and Project Groups

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Working Groups and Project Groups - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine CRG

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