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  1. Hi,
    I don't have rights to add a discussion here, but being a little desperate for your attention, I'll try a comment. (smile)

    We're trying to create a refset for histochemical staining methods, and we're kind of stuck. We have found about half of what we need from SNOMED, and we're not really sure if SNOMED is the right way to go here. 
    Looking at the SNOMED hierarchy, it seems that staining methods are under procedure 127790008 |Staining method (procedure)|. It subsumes a lot of different stainings and a big subcategory 108256005 |Hematology staining procedure (procedure)|, which actually subsumes staining procedures that are not only used in hematology. There is no subcategory "Histology staining procedure", and adding relationships to international content is not something we would easily do anyway.
    We found some indications that this content is being revised within the LOINC project, and the subhierarchy will possibly be moved to Qualifier value hierarchy.
    Do you have more experience or extra information on this topic? Shall we keep trying with SNOMED, or should we try something else?
    Ian Green Jane Millar  James R. Campbell Scott Campbell Grete Ojavere 

  2. Hi Rutt Lindström , I asked a similar question via email a few months back following a discussion in the X-eHealth working group for lab, and Alejandro Lopez Osornio sent the following reply:

    We have discussed this internally, and the current approach is to use the 272394005 |Technique (qualifier value)|; the guidance is outdated. 

    We will update the guide accordingly. The current approach from the content team is not to create new evaluation procedures in the laboratory domain and to review for clean up some of the existing procedures that only specify a method, like 18177006 |India ink stain method (procedure)|.

    I think you would be wise to keep trying with SNOMED. In the X-eHealth project we decided to create a method list that contains SNOMED qualifiers; I think Hynek Kruzik has its latest version.