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1:30pm to 5:00pm on 24 April 2017 (London UK) - afternoon break from 3:30pm - 4:00pm

GoToMeeting Details

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Key Goals for this Meeting

  1. To review ELAG terms of reference and 2017 work plan
  2. For ELAG Members to report on SNOMED CT education activities, plans, priorities and new requirements in each country.
  3. For SNOMED International to report on SNOMED CT education activities, including:
    • Delivery of existing SNOMED CT eLearning courses,
    • Progress on open access availability of eLearning materials,
    • Development of draft eLearning pathways for software developers and information analysts,
    • Other plans and current priorities.




David Markwell (Senior Product Support Specialist), Cathy Richardson (Senior Terminologist), Anne Randorff Højen (Implementation Specialist), Jon Zammit (Implementation Specialist)

Agenda and Meeting Notes

1Welcome, introductions and apologies

ELAG meetings will be recorded and recordings will be accessible to ELAG members.


  •  Check attendance details and apologies
2Conflicts of interest

Refer to Conflicts of interest section in the Advisory Groups Manual and ELAG's Declaration of Interests page.

  •  All members to confirm they are aware of need to declare any conflicts of interest.
3Goals of meeting  
4ELAG terms of reference and membershipRefer to Terms of Reference and Group Members. 
5ELAG work plan 2017Refer to Work Plan 2017. 
6Report from ELAG members on national education topicsMember Representatives

The chair will invite each Member representative to provide a report on the following SNOMED CT education topics for their country:

  • New or planned SNOMED CT education activities,
  • Plans or progress in localising SNOMED CT education material,
  • Feedback on existing SNOMED CT eLearning experiences,
  • Country-specific SNOMED CT priorities and requirements.

Please notify the chair in advance if you plan to present slides for this agenda item.

7Report from SNOMED International on current course delivery and new eLearning developmentseLearning Team

SNOMED International to report on the following topics:

  • Overview of 2017 workplan
  • Existing SNOMED CT E-Learning courses
  • E-Learning course feedback
  • Presentation feedback management
  • Translation and sharing activities
  • Development of E-Learning metadata
  • Open access pilot of E-Learning materials
  • Pilot E-Learning pathways
    • Software developers and information analysts
  • Current E-Learning activities and plans
  • Priorities for more detailed review