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  1. Hi Linda and team,

    May I suggest that the system is setup to send 24h email reminders prior to the ELAG meetings in the future? The meetings are setup well in advance (positive) and can easily go below the radar by the time they are to be held. I understand that personal calendars should be used in this case, but an email reminder will be of help as well.

    1. Hi Aleksandar,

      I'm sorry that you missed the recent ELAG call. I sent an invitation for the first of the two meetings (to which you indicated your availability) to the email address you provided when responding to the Doodle Poll, but notice that you didn't respond to that. Perhaps you didn't receive this for some reason? Apologies for not sending a reminder closer to the time - I don't think we have a way of automating reminders.

      You may find it helpful to look at the slide deck that I presented at this recent ELAG call. You can find this attached to the bottom of the meeting agenda page - 2017-08-31 - ELAG Meeting.

      If you have any questions, please let me know.

      Kind regards,


      1. Hi Linda,

        My apologies for not attending the meeting.Thanks for the Doodle poll and the email received shortly after the poll has closed. Unfortunately, busy period at work made the booking in my calendar go under the radar. I wouldn't be surprised if other absent members were in similar situations and I suggest meeting reminders are considered as a means of improving meeting attendance numbers. The "Calendars" section in the Confluence interface might have a solution to the problem of meeting reminders problem.

        I had a look at the Power Point shown at the meeting. Thanks for sharing that. Can you please provide more information on the following:

        • Slide 26: "CME/CPD credits for SNOMED CT education"  - what are these credits, how they are earned and who awards and governs them

        • Slide 11: "Initial discussions with HCAS solution in New Zealand (2018 MF)" - can you please expand on this, like who HCAS are (, what was discussed and what the goals are?


        1. Hi Alex,

          Some answers to your questions:

          • "CME" stands for "Continuing Medical Education" and "CPD" stands for "Continuing Professional Development". Educational activities can be accredited by different organizations in different countries or regions to offer 'credits' (or points), granted when students complete particular units of study. A minimum number of CME hours/credits are required in many countries as part of a medical professional's ongoing registration. For example, the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education ( offer accreditation to educational activities in Europe and a range of other countries. And the American Medical Association, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), and a range of other specialty organizations offer CME credits in the U.S.. However, I still have a lot to learn in this area, so would appreciate any advice or guidance from ELAG on this topic.
          • SNOMED International's Member Forum has proposed that the Education and Product Support Team (E&PS) does a piece of work next year (2018) to document the approach of and lessons learnt by the Health Care Analytics System (HCAS) implementation of SNOMED CT at the Canterbury District Health Board in New Zealand. Please talk to Alistair Kenworthy (and MF representative for NZ, from the NZ Ministry of Health) for more information.

          Kind regards,