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Welcome to the E-Learning Advisory Group Space

This Confluence Space is the place where E-Learning Advisory Group (ELAG) members to share information. Current members of the E-Learning Advisory Group can be seen in the Group Members page.

 E-Learning Advisory Group - Reference Information and Contact Details
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Dear ELAG members, Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the practical exercise we created for data analysts. We have now made this exercise available to all SNOMED CT E-Learning users. To access this exercise, please go to SNOMED CT for Data Analysts (under 'Open Courses' in the top menu) and select Practical Exercise. Thank you! Kind regards, Linda.
SNOMED International has just announced the call for Advisory Group experts. As part of this process, the E-Learning Advisory Group is seeking applications for one Expert Advisor position (previously held by Supten). Kirstine will be continuing in her position as ELAG Expert Advisor until 2019. We would like to sincerely thank Supten for his contributions to the E-Learning Advisory Group over the past 3 years! If you know of any suitable candidates for this position,…
The Consultant Terminologist Program has been undergoing a review for the past year, with both internal and external input. As part of that review, there have been many contributions to both identifying where changes could be made and also the benefits found from participating. To those that contributed, we thank you for your input! We have concluded our evaluation and can now advise that the Consultant Terminologist Program will no longer be offered in the same format.…