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Welcome to the E-Learning Advisory Group Space

This Confluence Space is the place where E-Learning Advisory Group (ELAG) members share information. Current members of the E-Learning Advisory Group can be seen in the Group Members page.

 E-Learning Advisory Group - Reference Information and Contact Details
 Confluence Space - Help and Contact Details


Enrolments for the next SNOMED CT Implementation Course, starting on Monday 6th July 2020, will be closing soon - on Friday 26th June 2020. The SNOMED CT Implementation Course teaches you the SNOMED CT knowledge and skills required to implement a SNOMED CT enabled system.…
Dear E-Learning Advisory Group, SNOMED International is once again seeking new volunteers to serve on our international Advisory Groups. As you may know, the E-Learning Advisory Group is mainly composed of Member representatives, who are nominated by their respective Member Forum rep. In addition, we have 2 expert advisor positions, which rotate every 2 years (on alternate years). As such, we are currently advertising for one new expert advisor on ELAG.…
Dear all, As discussed a few weeks ago, the E-Learning Advisory Group plans to meet this Wednesday 29th April from 7:00 UTC to 9:00 UTC on I understand what a busy time it is for everyone - so I hope this meeting time is still okay with most of you. Please let me know if you're unable to attend. If possible, could you please send me your Member reports before the meeting, to make the meeting time more efficient.…