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As part of the 'Enhanced Membership Benefits' agreed by the General Assembly in October 2018, each Member is entitled to the following education benefits:

  • Free SNOMED CT Foundation Course for all registrants from Member countries/territories
  • Membership discount for all education courses offered
  • NRC access to one free registration annually for each education course offered
  • NRC access to one free certification exam annually

Claiming Member Benefits

To enrol in all SNOMED CT courses and certification exams, please visit our SNOMED CT course catalogue at and select the relevant education product.

Participants will be offered membership discount (including free enrolment in the Foundation Course) automatically when they login to their E-Learning account during the enrolment process. Discounts are calculated, based on the participant's registered country/territory.

SNOMED National Release Centers (NRCs) can claim their free NRC enrolment in any of our courses or certification exams by emailing to request a 'Member free' voucher. This voucher can be used to register for free via our Course Catalogue. Please include the name and email of the person who will be enrolling, and the course intake in which they would like to participate. We will then send the voucher to the selected participant. All 'Member free' voucher allocations must be approved by the Member Forum representative in the respective Member country/territory.

Please note that NRCs can claim one free enrolment in each one of our courses and certifications every year - so please take advantage of this offer to educate your local team.

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