Blog from March, 2020

Dear ELAG,

Based on the responses to my previous post, we will be postponing the April ELAG call until Wednesday 29th April from 7:00 UTC to 9:00 UTC.

I will, however, check back in with everyone prior to this meeting to confirm that this is still a suitable time.

Once again wishing you, your families and friends good health!
Kind regards,

Dear ELAG,

My thoughts are with you all at the moment, as we face the global Covid-19 challenge together. You may have seen that some of our virtual April business meetings are being postponed, while everyone focuses on these important challenges.

So, I would like to give you the following options for our April ELAG meeting:

  1. Go ahead as planned for Wednesday 8th April from 7:00 UTC to 9:00 UTC
  2. Push back the meeting until the end of April - e.g. Wednesday 29th April from 7:00 UTC to 9:00 UTC
  3. Postpone the meeting indefinitely, and ask again at the end of April
  4. Some combination of the above (e.g. run the meeting twice - both now and the end of April)

Which of these options (or any others) would be best for you? Please either respond below, or email me at with your preference.

Wishing you, your families and friends good health!

Kind regards,

Dear ELAG,

Thank you to everyone who responded to the recent Doodle Poll. Based on a strong consensus, the SNOMED E-Learning AG meeting will be scheduled for:

Wednesday 8th April from 7:00 UTC to 9:00 UTC on

I have sent out a meeting invite to all those who responded to the Doodle Poll. If you missed out and would like to add this meeting to your calendar, please email me at

Due to the compressed meeting length, could you please ALL email me a short report ( on the following topics by Friday 3rd April:

  1. New or planned SNOMED CT education activities in your region
  2. National or region-specific SNOMED CT priorities
  3. Feedback on existing SNOMED CT eLearning experiences (if any)
  4. Course accreditation recommendations for your region (if any)
  5. Which local languages are required for SNOMED education in your region?
  6. Are there any local education providers (e.g. universities or others with an online education platform) who could help to translate and deliver our course materials in the required languages?

I will share your reports on the ELAG confluence space ( and do my best to summarize these during the meeting. The discussion will then focus on the last 2 topics, which are an integral part of SNOMED International's 2020-2025 strategy. The full meeting agenda can be found here - 2020-04-29 ELAG Remote Meeting (via Zoom)

Thanks very much everyone! I hope you're all safe and well!

Kind regards,

P.S.: I am aware that this meeting time will not suit many of you in the Americas, so if you would like me to arrange a second meeting at a more suitable time please let me know ( 

As you may have seen, SNOMED International has announced the cancellation of the face to face April 2020 business meetings. However, the work we do to provide SNOMED CT e-learning to the international community continues, and so does our need to get feedback and advice from our Members and expert representatives.

I would therefore like to propose that the cancelled face-to-face meeting is replaced with a 2 hour remote conference call. Due to the timezone challenges, I am happy to offer 2 alternative times if this will make it easier for more of you to attend.

Could all ELAG Member and expert representatives please respond to this Doodle Poll by close of business Thursday 12 March, and I will use your responses to select one or more suitable meeting times.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you!
Kind regards,