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    1. I posted several documents on the documentation page representing the past work of the implementation SIG including the allergy implementation guide. I also posted the proposed new concept model for hypersensitivity, allergy, and intolerance.
    2. Unfortunately, the meeting could not be recorded. David Woods has taken some notes. I will post when I receive them from him.
    3. The next meeting will take place as agreed on August 10th at 20:00 UTC.


  1. I have added a draft agenda for Thursday's meeting. Please let me know if you would like me to add any additional items for discussion.

  2. Hi all. Apologies to all for not scheduling a call for September as I was busy preparing for the Vancouver SNOMED business meeting. I will try to schedule a call for November to update everyone on the modeling changes underway for SNOMED's allergy content and to propose a project to enlist everyone's effort to review all of the allergy to substance concepts in order to determine if they are actually allergies or should be moved to another hierarchy such as Propensity to adverse reaction (finding) or Intolerance to substance (finding) . Please let me know if there are any other topics you wish to bring up.


  3. Dear Bruce,

    I'm actually reviewing adoption of SNOMED CT allergy module for a drug allergy CDS. Is it possible for me to join the next meeting in November?


    Nikki Ng


  4. Hi Nikki. Absolutely. I have asked to have you added as a member of the group so you should get a notification of the details of our next call. If you have any topics you would like to discuss please let me know.

    Bruce Goldberg

  5. Hi all and happy new year. I am sorry but have been tardy in assigning reviewers for the allergy to substance task. Just to verify who has time to participate at any time during 2019, I am posting a simple yes/no online survey at We can start going over some of the concepts so everyone has a clearer idea of what is required and how much effort it may take. Again, the more participants, the less each one has to do.


    I have e-mailed Russ to provide a link to the 300 common allergen list as I can’t seem to locate it on the HL-7 webpage. I am attaching (in a separate e-mail) some relevant documents I found.


    Also, Jim can you send me your allergy data as discussed during the last call.


    Thanks all and hope to speak with you next Thursday.



  6. Bruce,

    You can download the balloted and published document here  for the allergy substance value set.  The value set is also available on the NLM VSAC (Value Set Access Center). 


  7. Hi Russell,

    I can't download the document, it asks for a login and I don't know which is the right value set on the NLM library. I see no value set of 300 concepts there seaching with "allergy" or "allergen", only a huge one of 100.000+ with all substances. Could you post the right documents here? Are the 300 most common available as a subset or shall we need to handpick them from the HL7 text pdf?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Best regards and my best wished for 2019!


  8. Marie-Alexandra Lambot you should be able to create a log-in to HL7 and download the document.  

    The drug allergy value set is at  You must have a license to log in (also free) .  Once logged in filter on value sets with HL7 Patient Care WG as steward.  You will see 7 value sets one of which is the "common drug substances ...." although the others may also be useful.  There is a separate OID for each value set.  The VSAC license is the same as an UMLS license (log-in) but you have to log in to VSAC separately. 

    No, you do not have to enter the substances off the pdf, that is the idea of placing the value set on the VSAC.