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The modeling for conditions caused by substance or product has been discussed at the joint Modeling and Editorial AG meetings. Clinical conditions, e.g. allergy, adverse reaction, poisoning, contact dermatitis, have been modeled by substances in SNOMED CT. In practice, these conditions could be reported by medicinal products in clinical records.

A key question is whether a condition caused by a substance should have any hierarchical relationship to a condition caused by a product/physical object/organism that contains such a substance. A product can contain single or multiple active ingredients and excipients. It is important to clarify the intended meaning for 'conditions caused by product' to enable consistent modeling and reasoning. In this consultation paper, five potential interpretations and their models are discussed with additional information on the complexity from product role groupers, types of representations, records in an information model, queries and decision support systems.

The purpose of this consultation is to gather input from the community to understand the expectation and potential impact on the current practice. Could you please help to share the document and feedback form to the members of advisory groups, working groups, forums, and colleagues? Please complete the feedback form by 31st January 2021.

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