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In the Netherlands we have an intensional reference set for allergens in our extension (excluding drug allergens). We find that there are a (lots of) concepts that are not descendant of allergen class, for example mustard seed and shellfish. And lots of concept that are allergens are not in Snomed yet. I wasnt able to join the last meetings unfortunately but I read that you are planning to create reference sets, will that also include allergen substances reference set? And is there a plan to review the substance hierarchy as a whole in the upcoming future? I will be able to join at the business meetings in Londen!

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  1. Bruce Goldberg, Do you know any answer on this question?

  2. The substance hierarchy is currently undergoing a review and revision. With regard to allergies, several allergy to X concepts, where X represents groupers that may not be clinically useful are being retired along with the causative substances. The allergen class hierarchy likely will be retired due to the difficulty identifying which substances are allergens (or pseudoallergens) and maintaining this on an ongoing basis. Allergens will be represented in the new substances model as dispositions. If deemed useful, an allergen refset can be created. This would be the responsibility of the allergy CRG to create and maintain. I think we have support for this. The allergy CRG will be meeting in London next Tuesday at 13:30. The agenda is posted on this site. Hope you can make it.