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When and Where

  • Date: Monday 28th October 2019
  • Time: 9:00am - 12:30pm (break 10:30am - 11:00am)
  • Room: Grand Residence 101
  • Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Remote access

Key Goals for this Meeting

  1. For ELAG Members to report on SNOMED CT education activities, plans, priorities and potential partnerships in their region
  2. For SNOMED International to report on recent SNOMED CT education activities and future plans
  3. To get feedback from ELAG members



Agenda and Meeting Notes

1Agenda and introductions

A warm welcome to our new ELAG Expert Advisor - Ralph La Tella

2ELAG administration

Topics include:

3Reports from ELAG Member representativesMember Representatives

Each ELAG Member representative will be invited to provide a short report on the following topics for their country:

  • New or planned SNOMED CT education activities
  • Feedback on existing SNOMED CT eLearning experiences
  • Country or region-specific SNOMED CT priorities
  • Opportunities for education delivery partnerships (e.g. to deliver in other languages)
  • Course accreditation recommendations for region

Member reports were presented from:

  • Australia (report attached below)
  • Belgium
    • Students encouraged to follow SNOMED International courses
    • Belgium NRC gives on-demand training to vendors, hospitals etc
    • Once a year, they host a terminology day - main focus is SNOMED CT, but also include ICD and LOINC
    • Translated starter guide published on their web-site
    • Requests are coming to the NRC to translate education into French
  • Finland
    • University of Eastern Finland plans to translate Foundation Course into Finnish
    • NRC is hosting a one-day seminar in Finland with Daniel Karlsson
    • Positive feedback on Foundation Course - a good information package on SNOMED CT
    • Priority is to increase the general knowledge and technical know-how of SNOMED CT in Finland
  • India (report attached below)
  • Malaysia
    • Focus is on promoting the SNOMED International education - particularly the Foundation Course
    • Interested in sharing national education materials via the Member Education page -
  • The Netherlands
    • NRC hosted a number of SNOMED CT introductory sessions and an introduction for developers
    • Hands on workshop with around 20 people in each
    • Internal training for information analysts
    • Interested in education for clinicians; They have developed a flyer for doctors
    • Developers have requested short YouTube clips to teach SNOMED CT
  • Spain
    • Spanish students are very happy about the E-Learning courses and E-Learning platform
    • Spain would like to offer an additional service to support students doing the courses
    • First step for SNOMED CT education in Spain is seminars. These motivate students to learn more and engage in a complete course
  • Sweden
    • NRC has published films in Swedish on the basics of SNOMED CT
    • Swedish regulations require Swedish subtitles for accessibility
    • New videos being developed - What's in it for me? How to use SNOMED CT?
    • Currently translating Foundation Course scripts and slides to publish as PDF with English course
    • There is a high need in Sweden to learn more about SNOMED CT via education and webinars
  • Uruguay (report attached below)
  • UK
    • Mental health is a priority, so would like to see examples specific to mental health in education
    • Have developed animations, presentations, technical documents, short fact sheets, jargon busters
    • Will be restarting implementation forum and adding case studies
    • Positive feedback on Authoring Level 1 Course (6 participants)
    • Implementation Course (2 participants)
    • Terminologists have a daily standup to discuss modelling issues as they arise
    • Focus areas - mental health, and pathology
    • Faculty of clinical informatics is looking at SNOMED CT and AI.
4SNOMED International update
  • Education team work plan
  • Course delivery overview
  • Clinician education
  • Implementation course
  • Authoring courses and certification
  • Developer course and certification
  • Education delivery partnerships
  • Other activities

Note: Presentation attached below.

5Feedback and discussion

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