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When and Where

  • Date: Monday 15th October 2018
  • Time: 1:30pm - 5:00pm (break 3:00pm - 3:30pm)
  • Room: OceanView 3
  • Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Remote access

Key Goals for this Meeting

  1. For ELAG Members to report on SNOMED CT education activities, plans and priorities in their region
  2. For SNOMED International to report on recent SNOMED CT education activities
  3. To get feedback from ELAG members on current education activities



Agenda and Meeting Notes

1Welcome and introductions

A special welcome to our new ELAG expert advisor Penny Livesay.

2Goals of meeting
3ELAG administration

Topics include:

4Reports from ELAG Member representativesMember Representatives

Each ELAG Member representative will be invited to provide a short report on the following topics for their country:

  • New or planned SNOMED CT education activities
  • Plans or progress in localising SNOMED CT education material
  • Feedback on existing SNOMED CT eLearning experiences
  • Country or region-specific SNOMED CT priorities

Country Report Summaries

  • Canada - Holding a series of webinars for the community - more than 12 different sessions, including Terminology, Introduction to SNOMED CT, LOINC. New community created for health terminology (combined all terminologies). Promotion of International courses. Positive feedback with requests for more education on implementation strategies (closer to the ground), translation, maintenance, considering a real-time (more frequent releases) release cycle - considering what the impact of such would be for the consumers. Considering a package for French-speaking people with introductory material in French.
  • Argentina - Establishing the Argentina NRC. The country is divided into regions, and a group of people is traveling around the country to introduce SNOMED CT to difference stakeholders. Pilot of the Spanish foundation course is in progress.
  • UK - A lot of material shared via the 'Member Education Resources' page on the E-Learning Platform. UK has domain-specific studies to inform the use of SNOMED CT within different clinical domains. Two case studies have recently been published, focusing on secondary care with values/benefits assessment. Monica Jones will give a talk about this at the Expo. The other case study is clinically focused - pediatrics disability service - good results. Results from a “primary care” projects showed that implementers need short fact sheets. Also done a lot of work on FAQ’s … Next project is in Mental health.

  • Uruguay (also see attachment) - Implementing EHR.  First national documents on CDA Level 1. Practical exercises based on the content of the foundation course. On their website they have the tools listed which they use during the workshops. Special interest groups for nursing, pharma and medical records.
  • Sweden - has been a Member since the start of IHTSDO. A larger group of people have taken the E-Learning courses. Still get requests for a translation of the Foundation course, but this is not something that they are considering. Currently there is a procurement of new EHR system in Sweden, which hopefully will be better prepared to use SNOMED CT. There is an increased interest in SNOMED CT and technical requests. Challenges: educate those who will implement - to make communication easier, e.g. when content is requested.

  • Australia - As per attachment
  • India - As per attachment
5SNOMED International update
  • Education & product support
  • 2018 deliverables
  • Courses and pathways
  • Pilot courses
6SNOMED CT course catalogue
7Authoring courses and certification
8Other education activities
9Feedback and discussion

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