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Release File Specification

This specification defines the file formats in which SNOMED CT is distributed to SNOMED International Members and Affiliates.

HTemplate SyntaxThis specification defines the formal rules for representing slots in SNOMED CT expressions, expression constraints or queries.
IExpression Template Language

This specification defines the formal rules for representing expression templates. The language syntax is derived by combining compositional grammar, template syntax and the expression constraint language.


Diagramming Guideline

This document describes a diagrammatic notation for representing the definition of a concept, an expression, or the relationship between expressions.


URI Standard

This specification defines a standard format of URIs for identifying various SNOMED CT artifacts, including SNOMED CT components, modules and editions.


Compositional Grammar

This specification defines a standard syntax for representing individual clinical meanings using SNOMED CT expressions.


Expression Constraint Language

This specification defines a formal syntax for representing sets of clinical meanings using SNOMED CT expression constraints. Expression constraints are used for a range of purposes, including restricting the valid values in a health record, intensionally defining a reference set, or restricting the range of an attribute in the SNOMED CT concept model.

DMachine Readable Concept Model

This specification defines the format used by SNOMED International's Machine Readable Concept Model (MRCM). The MRCM represents the SNOMED CT concept model in a form that can be read and tested by a computer. The MRCM is distributed as a set of reference sets with the SNOMED CT International Edition.


SNOMED CT Logic Profile Specification

This document defines the description logic feature set with which SNOMED CT content is described. This specification sets the limits of the description logic constructs used to define the content of the SNOMED CT International Edition.

BMedicinal Product Model SpecificationThis document provides a specification of the SNOMED CT Medicinal Product hierarchy's data model in the international edition of SNOMED CT. This document also provides a description of how aspects of the SNOMED medicinal product hierarchy correspond with the suite of standards in ISO, collectively known as the "Identification of Medicinal Products" (IDMP) standards.
KEditorial GuideThis guide provides detailed information about the rules by which SNOMED CT international content is authored. It describes SNOMED CT's scope, hierarchies, authoring principles, style guidance and concept model rules.

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