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20:00 UTC on Tuesday 20 March 2018 - 90 minutes.


  • FHIR Terminology Services and Resources

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1Welcome and introductions5

Recording + Notes.

April Business Meeting - SNOMED on FHIR meeting - agenda items?

2Summary of previous week5

Current focus: Specimen resource

3URIs for Edition Modules5

Known SNOMED CT Edition Modules now available.

It is the member's responsibility to keep SNOMED International updated when new modules are published.


Review of "Using SNOMED with FHIR" page


All participants are invited to review this local copy of that page.

Suggestion for text since "Legacy SNOMED Identifiers" has been removed: "Please note that antecedant SNOMED codes (e.g. ...) may not be used with the code system. Please refer to <insert link> for more information."  

  • All comments to be received by 20 February 2018. Potential to ballot for Normative Status.

Query coming from Grahame G. about how implementable this is eg with cross field validation. Risk of introducing performance issues. Perhaps easier to introduce as "Best Practice" for those with the capability to implement.

How constrained should our profiles be eg allowing for non-SNOMED coding? Dion suggested allowing cherry picking from options available. Rob suggested need for expectations of conformance.

Final Content deadline April 1. Target initial content deadline two weeks prior.

Note that has no maturity level and a number of blanks. Also the question of SNOMED CT Attributes updating each release and how could this page/resource be updated? Answer: Resource would be expected to track SNOMED CT ie be updated as required.

  • Peter G. Williams See Rory D re suggestion to pull various national editions into separate page since it will change over time.
  • New section for Codes and Displays - pull in Linda P discussion with Michael L.
  • Put forward recommendation for removing "Expressions SHOULD NOT contain terms"
  • Section suggestion that we terse Normal Form properties (Peter J disagreed). Clarity needed on which Normal Form is being represented (eg breaking sufficiently defined concepts down to their primitive components, unlike what is supplied in the browser). Further discussion needed on what these properties are being used for. Perhaps only 1 is necessary since terms can be added/removed as required.
  • GG Suggested separate section for expressions where we'd make the point that original terms should be captured.

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