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View the member concepts of a SNOMED CT Reference Set.

Prerequisite steps: View the reference sets for a SNOMED CT concept or Find the SCTID for a known concept term (with a known Reference Set term) or Find the FSN or PT for a known concept SCTID (with a known Reference Set SCTID)

Further information: Practical Guide to Reference Sets


Search or browse to a SNOMED CT Reference Set concept and set that as Concept Details focus concept.

In the SCT Browser Full perspective, press the Members tab in the Concept Details panel.

The Concept Details panel updates show a listing of the Reference Set member concepts. Each member list entry contains the following:

  • Definition Status icon and FSN.
  • Preferred Term
  • ConceptId

Each listing entry on the Members tab works in the same way as the left hand panel Search tab results - press anywhere in the result row to switch to it as the Concept Details focus concept.

Members listings only apply to Reference Sets

This tab only becomes populated when the Concept Details focus is on a Reference Set concept. If the Members tab is opened for a focus concept that is not a Reference Set, the listing will be empty, with only a header row stating "This concept has no members".

Members listing are paged when there are more than 100 entries (to moderate the server load for larger results sets).

To see more entries, scroll down to the end of the listing, to see a Load # more link below the last listing entry (the # value will either be 100 or the remaining number if less than 100). The link label also indicates the number of entries remaining to be shown.

Press Load # more as needed to see remaining entries.

The remaining total will update on each load

If more than 100 are still to be shown, on pressing Load # more the next 100 entries will be appended to the end of the listing, and the link text will update to show the number remaining.

If less than 100 are still to be shown, they will all be loaded, the members total will be be shown below the final entry, and the Load # more link will no longer be present. The entire results set can then be scrolled in the Members tab listing.