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View the SNOMED CT reference set information relevant to a concept.

Prerequisite steps: Browse SNOMED CT International Edition concepts

In the SCT Browser Full perspective, press the Refsets tab in the Concept Details panel.

The Concept Details panel updates to show the following:

  • Concept SCTID and FSN.
  • Open maps for this concept button.
  • Listings by type of all SNOMED CT Reference Sets of which the concept is a member. Each list entry contains the following:
    • Definition Status icon and Reference Set name.
    • Map Refset identifier (only if applicable; blank if not).
    • icon button.

Press Open maps for this concept to open the SNOMED CT Mapping Tool (in a new web browser tab/window) focused on the concept, showing to see any relevant published map records.

Press on a listing row to see a pop-up overlay with the following additional details:

  • RefsetId
  • EffectiveTime
  • ModuleId.

Multiple overlays can be opened at the same time. Press anywhere within the Concept Details panel outside a pop-up overlay to close all open overlays.