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When and Where

Key Goals for this Meeting

  1. For SNOMED International to report on recent SNOMED CT education activities
  2. To get feedback from ELAG members on current education activities:
    1. The new SNOMED CT Foundation Course
    2. Plans for the SNOMED CT Implementation Course
  3. For ELAG members to share their national education experiences and requirements

Agenda and Meeting Notes

1Welcome and introductions


2Meeting agenda


3ELAG administration


Topics include:

4SNOMED International update

EPS Team

The E&PS team will update the group on the education activities that have been the main focus since our last meeting, and give you an overview of the course activity.

4aE-Learning PlatformThe E-Learning platform has been updated. We will show you the highlights of the changes.
4bAuthoring courses update

We will give you an update on the SNOMED CT Authoring courses.

4cFoundation course update and feedback

Since our last meeting, we have started the development of the new version of the SNOMED CT Foundation course.
At this meeting, we will present the plans for this new course, and invite you to provide feedback on the material.

  • Agreement that the new course and format looks better than the current course.
    Volunteers were identified for the review of Module A - a message will be sent out at the end of November.
  • Discussion about students who have taken the existing foundation and what level of access they will have to the new course. For sure they can take the new course, but will they be enrolled as an alumni? (TBD)
  • Question about if the Spanish version and any other translated versions will be translated in the new style of course. It was advised that this is not planned at present and so the Foundation Course will remain the same for the Spanish version.
  • Comment about the importance of having access to a Glossary and if this could be linked in the beginning of the course as it would be useful to learners to know where this is at the start.
4dImplementation course updateAnne Randorff Højen

We will present our ideas and plans for the future run of the SNOMED CT Implementation Course.

There was a general agreement that the new structure looks appealing and more flexible. 

5Education Partnerships

We will give you an update on the partnerships activities and discuss ways for you to engage in partnerships.

  • Announcement about Finnish translation of Foundation Course
    • 30 completions so far
    • Question about access to Finnish translation
  • Anne reminded everyone about the members source share and member education resources
  • Mikko offer to share their material so we will need a Finnish section under member education resources
6Any other business

NoteMember UpdateAll

At this meeting we won't ask you to provide a summary of the current education activities in your country. However, we do invite you to share any significant experiences you have had in your country since our last meeting that others could learn from. Or, if you have specific questions related to SNOMED CT education and training you would like to be addressed at this meeting, please send an email to to notify about your questions and/or experiences.

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