Dear all,  

The Production release of the April 2020 SNOMED CT® Spanish Edition is now available to everyone from the MLDS distribution site.  This release contains the Spanish language version of the March 2020 SNOMED CT® International Edition. 

All files distributed for the April 2020 SNOMED CT® Spanish Edition are available from the “April 2020 v1.0” version in the “SNOMED CT Spanish package - Edición en Español” project, which can be found on the “SNOMED Releases” page in MLDS, accessed here: 

The SNOMED CT® Spanish Edition Production release is distributed as a single zipped file archive:  


The Release Notes and Starter Guide have been separated from the Spanish Edition package, and can be viewed online on SNOMED International’s Release Management Confluence website:

The Release Notes have also been published as a .pdf file alongside the release package, in the same MLDS repository. 

The Release Packaging format has been updated to bring it in line with the SNOMED CT International Edition standards, so there may be changes to both file naming conventions and the package contents themselves.  Please see the Readme file for details of any new naming conventions and file structures, and the Release Notes for further details.

If you have any questions about the April 2020 SNOMED CT® Spanish Edition Production release, or have difficulties downloading the files, please contact SNOMED International at with “April 2020 Spanish Edition Production release” in the subject line.

Kind regards,

Andrew Atkinson  |  Release Manager

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